FotoFusion 4

NEW!! Version 5 Tutorials!

Below are tutorials that I made to help you enjoy this wonderful product.
I don't use FF4 to make elements for my photos. For that I use PSP8.

FF4 is a great product for assembling your photos or scrapbook pages.
One of the features that I love is the Pan and Zoom feature.
The tutorial for it is here.

Below is a list of my tuts.
Note some are video tutorials.

Extreme Tutorials

Make greeting Cards

Moving Mattes

Using Mattes

I Love this Feature!

Setting a Page

Setting an Album

Split a double layout

How to Split a Saved Double Page Layout
VIDEO Tutorial

Matte Cutter

RedEye Fix in 30 Sec!

Add A Page

Pan Zoom

Using Premade Elements

Save to Share
(a talkie!)

Add a Photo to a Quickpage or Layout

How to use Quick Pages or Ploppers

Add a Photo to a Quick Page

Using PSP8 to make Elements for FF4

Text Effects:
all talkies!

Single Letters

Cartoon Look

Popout text

Embossed Look

Mixing Elements and Text
and a glassy look

Text and Photos