Make a Card with FotoFusion!

Printing to a specific card size was not easy when I printed things out.
I don't home print much to specific sizes anymore.

But what I do do is print the cards then cut them out and
attach to folded card stock. Works GREAT!

The kit I'm using is here

Card size is 3.5 x 5
Drag a background to the layout
right click and 'SET AS BACKGROUND'

ALL images in this tutorial will grow so you can see details. Just click on them.

Add a solid background and check to add a border.

Add color to the frame to match the background.

Use the eyedropper to get an exact color match.

Add the elements you like.

Remember to change the shadow from the standard.
This is the standard shadow. Way too strong.

This is mine. And the settings for it.

Set the shadow to your liking. Click the >> icon
Save as a preset. Name as you like.

Now add the elements you like to make your card.
This is what I ended up with. Well 2 really....take a look.