Using Elements to Make Layouts

I really like Nitwit Collections.
This is LittleMen Collection
it's 5.99 and you can use it over and over!

1. Click on Organize. We are using Buckets in the tut.
2. Find the folder and or sub folder where the images are you want to use.
3. Click on that folder to see the images. Nitwit includes papers and elements. Sometime alphas too.
4. Click on one image, then hold the CTRL button down and press A to select all the images.

Drag one of the elements to a bucket at the bottom of the screen.
It even tells you how many are in the bucket.

Click on Create then Buckets. Now you see all your images in
one handy place!
You can keep this window open by clicking on the pin icon.

That way it will not close when you move the mouse off of it.

Drag the background off to the layout.

Click to let FF make a copy of the images to it know where they are.
Locating 'lost' images was a big issue in past versions.
This is a happy thing to have.

Right click you mouse while the background is active, note the image below.
And set it as Canvas Background.

Hold the f key while moving the mouse to make the photo box.
I drew out two for this layout. Click on the smaller box so we can cut it in two equal boxes.

Click on the noted icon, hold the mouse button down and drag the mouse down. It will split into two boxes.

I like to tilt my frames a little.
Click on the turn icon

To rotate the boxes just a bit.

Like this

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