Using PSP8 to Make PNG's for FotoFusion

First, a GREAT place to get clip art that you can use is
(See Their Angel Policy)

Below is one of their butterflies. It's in jpg format.
They now make the sets in png format so it's ready to use in FF.

All jpg format images are 'flattened'. We want the white background to be
transparent. Easy to do in PSP8. Save then Open this image in PSP8.
The layer palette shows that the background is grayed out.

On the layer palette, click the icon shown.
Or click on the layer tab - then promote background layer

Notice the grayed out area is now active.

Click on the magic wand. Then click anywhere on the white background.

Notice only the white area is selected with the marquee..

Now click on the scissors and the white will disappear!

Cool huh? Select none to remove the marquee.

Now click on the png icon and the png wizard pops up.
Or click on file/export/PNG Optimizer

You will need to check the wizard settings once to make sure they are correct.
Be sure the settings is 16.7 million colors then Click on the Transparency tab

Make sure these radio buttons are checked.

Click on the color tab again, then OK

Name it and save it.
(NOTE take notice where you save it to)

Now it's ready to use in Fotofusion!
See the difference?